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What our patients are saying

Dr. Karga is one of the most reliable and kind dentists I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with. My 10 year old son was playing basketball at school and chipped his tooth late in the day. Dr. Karga was the only available dentist on Friday in the late afternoon and she saw him despite us not having an appointment. Her staff accommodated us professionally and my son was very comfortable in her nicely decorated office. It made for a great kid-friendly environment. Dr. Karga walked him through the procedure and made him feel at ease despite him being scared and in pain. Overall great and stress-free experience!!

- Michelle

Finally a great dentist with a friendly, competent staff in Stratford.

- Fred S.

My visits are always a pleasure. Excellent staff. They are friendly and caring as well as professional. The doc is the best I have ever seen; great personality as well as professional.

- Jen M.

A-Smile Family Dentistry of Stratford is simply the best, EVER! I cannot say enough nice & positive things about everyone in the office. Dr. Karga is unlike any other dentist or doctor I have ever encountered in all of my 50 years!! She is so kind, patient, warm, caring, attentive, honest, intelligent, respectful and personable. She is always looking out for my best interests first, not financial ones first.

I have no dental insurance and needed quite a bit of work done to save my teeth. She made it affordable for me and never makes me feel like a charity case or that "I owe her". She never puts money before the wellbeing of her patients. She doesn't rush through appointments, or makes the patient feel like she doesn't have time for them. This woman is what all dentists and doctors should model their patient care behavior after! She is, simply put, awesome!

Her support staff, Graciela and Ivette have also exceeded my expectations every time I call or come into the office. They always have a smile and kind word, and each remembers my name, my kids' names, and my health issues! I think this is just terrific and shows the sincerity of the kindness and care they exhibit all the time.

They amaze me every time I come in with how they combine their professionalism, kindness and concern so effectively.

Over 7 members of my family now utilize Dr. Karga's office for all their dental needs. Even my 6 year old nephew, who despises doctor visits, loves Dr. Karga, Graciela and Ivette!

The office welcomes everyone, of all ages. If you need a dentist, or are just tired of being treated less than special, come see Dr. Karga!!

You will not be disappointed!

- Rebecca M.

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